Volunteer Thomas Ferrari with his Malawian nurse counterpart in Malawi

Volunteer like Tom

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Are you a teacher or a physio? Maybe a midwife or a nurse like Tom here? If you answered yes, do you also answer yes to: Ever wanted to volunteer abroad? If you do, our volunteer placements might be for you!

They are designed to be skill sharing as we do not believe volunteers should not take away roles of Malawians. This is why our volunteer programme focusses on welcoming qualified teachers and medics who can work alongside their Malawian counterparts to assist and share knowledge.

Volunteers often learn as much from their Malawian counterpart as they feel they share which is great. Tom is a nurse and two weeks into his volunteering placement.

He said, “Some of the clinics are really busy with lots of people (especially children) and the staff appreciate any help available. Ripple Africa have two Annie CPR dolls so I plan to lead first aid training at the schools too.”

Our volunteers live at our base on the shores of Mwaya Beach and really do become part of the Ripple Africa family. Click here if you are keen to find out more.


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