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How your donation helps families like George and Kate’s

George is a fisherman. He has been educated and empowered to look after the breeding areas and respect the fishing by-laws. By doing this George knows he’ll be able to catch larger fish and will be able to feed his family and earn more money.

Kate is saving trees and time. Kate has more time because her Changu Changu Moto fuel efficient cookstove uses less wood which means she only needs to collect one bundle of wood per week. Kate has been educated in how to maintain and use her stove, and also knows the health benefits associated with the cook stove.

Meg is attending Mwaya primary school, giving her the best chance to get an education whilst Blev is attending one of Ripple Africa’s eight pre-schools. Kate also attends our adult literacy classes so she can help her children with their school work.

Kate takes Trifonia to under fives clinics once a month to be weighed, and to receive vital immunisations. As a family they all benefit from improved healthcare closer to their home thanks to Ripple Africa building a health dispensary.

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How we use your GIFT AID

Gift Aid is a scheme which allows charities to reclaim basic rate tax paid on any money donated to them by UK tax payers. Charities can claim back 25p in every £1 that has been donated, from the basic tax that has already been paid on a donation.

The money that Ripple Africa claims back from the HMRC as part of the Gift Aid Scheme will be treated as unrestricted funding, even if the original donation is restricted.

You can download a Gift Aid Declaration here.