Chifunda is happy she has clean water again in Malawi

World Water Day 2024

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Today is World Water Day and a day to celebrate the efforts of the borehole maintenance teams who we are working with to provide as many communities with clean water again.

To date we have funded the repairs of over 600 broken boreholes. More often than not, some of these repairs are quite simple and relatively inexpensive compared to the price of drilling a new borehole.

But not only does fixing these boreholes give people access to clean water again, it reduces the amount of firewood being used.

In areas where the borehole is broken, whilst some may walk to the next working one several kilometres away, many collect dirty water from shallow wells, rivers and the Lake. This then has to be boiled.

Chifunda Jameson and Andrea Katambo of Chilivi village were very happy when they could access clean water near their home again. Their borehole broke three years ago and during this time they were collecting water, along with the other 46 households in the village, from a dambo area (wetlands).

Chifunda said, “I would collect four 20 litre buckets per day and need to boil this so that my family could have drinking water and water to cook our food in. I used to use two bundles of wood each week to boil the water. Now that our borehole is working we have clean water and I am not having to collect these extra bundles of firewood.”

Another great example of helping people and the planet. Learn more about our project here.

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