What’s the aim of our Disability and Rehabilitation project?

The Disability and Rehabilitation project now has 120 clients and our goal in every case is to identify the person who needs support, work to improve their quality of life and enable them to live as independently and happily as possible.

The project provides clinic rehabilitation services, improves the skills of family members to help promote self-management and provides mobility aids where needed. Where we can, we avoid out-sourcing the purchase of equipment and use local workman to help us make walking aids, wheelchairs etc.

Matilda, our Community Based Rehabilitation Coordinator, is supported by volunteer physiotherapists, nurses and doctors, who offer advice on treatments and help with developing the aids and exercise programmes that are required.

In addition to providing clinical care and support, the project also involves an awareness campaign to tackle the social stigma and misunderstandings surrounding disabilities in the community. Matilda gives regular talks about disabilities in local schools, church groups and health clinics.

This is building on the amazing work that Collins, who sadly passed away four years ago, inspired. When Collins died, the project was put on hold for almost two years until Matilda, a locally based special education needs teacher, joined our team in January 2017. We are grateful to Matilda, who ensures that the great work that Collins started continues.

Disability and Rehabilitation Ripple Africa Malawi

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