Janet’s Fishing Business

Janet Ziyadi runs a fishing business in Kasitu, Malawi. There are 20 boats at the beach landing site which provides employment to 200 fishermen.

She has one boat and two canoes and when the weather is good, will send out a team of eight to 10 fishermen. For many years Janet would send her boat out with a mosquito drag net. This is one net made up of hundreds of small mosquito nets. She would catch all the small baby fish and earn around 60,000MK (£65/$80) in a night.

In 2017 though, the Fish Conservation project was introduced to this area and Janet had to stop using mosquito nets to fish. The Fish Conservation Committee were really focused on introducing good fishing practise and Janet is glad she listened. In May 2019 her average earning per night had increased to 250,000MK (£275/$340) as she is catching bigger and more fish with the correct fishing nets.

Now that she is earning more money, Janet has been able to purchase some land and employ builders to build her a house. She is also paying school fees for her four children too.


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