Fishermen sell their catch on the shores of Lake Malawi

Hustle and bustle

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The early morning hustle and bustle at Tukombo, one of the busiest landing sites for usipa fisherman in Nkhata Bay District, is a sight to see.

As the sun rises, this landing site sees hundreds of fishing boats come in after a night out on Lake Malawi. The beach goes from being eerily quiet to being filled with voices.

You can hear the fishermen competing to be the loudest as they start selling the fish, instructions being shouted to the crew to carry nets ashore, conversations between the women buying and processing the fish, the laughter as children play – some eager to get a few leftover fish for their lunch.

The fishing industry in Malawi really is so important. It holds so much opportunity to not only those who live along the lakeshore but across Malawi too.


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