Three women hold fruit trees and a thank you sign after our Match Funding success in Malawi

What a week

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What a week we have just had with our Match Funding campaign. You have been outstanding yet again and we have raised 102% of our target which means we have unlocked the full match funding available.

A huge thank you from everyone at Ripple Africa for your generosity and continued belief in the work we are doing in Malawi. Here’s to Growing the Future one fruit tree, chicken and sweet potato at a time!

Maston, who runs our fruit tree, vegetable and chicken projects said, “We really appreciate the great fundraising you have done as this will improve the livelihoods of many local people.”

Francis, who runs our sweet potato project, said, “We cannot thank you enough for your generous contributions. Your belief in our mission is driving positive change, making a real impact, and turning dreams into reality. Together we can achieve extraordinary things. Thank you for being a part of this journey.”

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