Edmon stands with a year old bluegum tree in Malawi

Trees are growing

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With many tree planting projects it is often only the seedlings that we see photos of when they are planted in the ground but not so much the progress.

Our Tree Planting project works closely with the farmers not only to raise the seedlings but to care for the trees as they grow.

Meet Edmon Hamie. The father-of-two started planting trees last year and look at them grow. He planted 1,000 indigenous trees including acacia and mbawa (mahogany) as well as 1,200 bluegum trees for timber.

From small beginnings, Edmon has now planted 7,000 trees this year and explained that one motivation behind planting the trees is to have a source of firewood as he can coppice the branches.

He is also planning for the future as when the bluegum trees reach maturity, he will be able to sell them for timber and use the money to send his children to school.

And for every tree planted we protect three indigenous trees in a protected forest – all for 25p a tree.

Visit: https://rippleafrica.org/forest-conservation-and-tree-planting/

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