The Silence is Over!

It’s back to business as usual for our chatty twosome in Malawi, as RIPPLE Africa’s Geoff Furber and Force Ngwira finished their Sponsored Silence on Friday, 6 July.

What began as a cheeky wager between previous volunteer Susie and RIPPLE Africa’s Geoff over dinner at Mwaya Beach in April, soon grew to become a very real challenge, and everyone involved with RIPPLE was curious to see if Geoff and Force could actually do it! Not content to make things easy, Friday’s day of silence consisted of several important meetings, as well as a day of shooting RIPPLE’s official Christmas video at the direction of Geoff, in this case a very silent producer having to mime what he wanted people to do! However the greatest challenge was perhaps felt by Force, who had to pass through a police road block but still maintain his silence to be worthy of the fundraising challenge. The pair have raised over £2000, and have nearly met their £2500 fundraising target which is a superb contribution to this great cause. It’s still possible to donate in honour of their efforts, and all donations directly support RIPPLE Africa’s environmental work in Malawi!

Watch the video below to see how Geoff and Force fared:

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