Women Ensuring there are Fish for Tomorrow

Women aren’t often seen on Lake Malawi in canoes or plank boats catching fish. Nevertheless, they play a vital role in the fishing industry as the main processors and sellers of fish. Some women are even boat owners and hire fishers to catch fish for them. For this reason, Ripple Africa, a UK based charity […]

Thank you Art Play London!

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Art Play London and all who supported their fundraising event on Sunday for raising £1,100 for our pre-schools in rural Malawi. Ripple Africa run eight pre- schools and have over 800 children registered and attending. Every day they learn, sing, dance and play as well as […]

Pre-school Training and Maintenance

Our eight pre-schools are run by enthusiastic teachers who love working with the children. They also love learning new concepts so all 27 teachers and our Pre-school Coordinator Charles Domingo were involved in a Rainbow Play training event which included a four day away workshop followed up by a two-day refresher at their pre-schools. The […]

More Desks for Primary Schools

In April 2019 we were able to provide a classroom of desks to Mazembe Primary School. Thanks to more funding from several sources we have now been able to equip numerous classrooms at Mwaya, Matete and Kachere primary schools – and just before Christmas too! Most primary schools in Malawi are very basic, lacking the […]

When volunteers just can’t help popping back

It’s lovely having past volunteers pop into our Malawi headquarters to surprise us! Elizabeth volunteered in 2012 and was delighted to learn some of the skills and knowledge she imparted are still being used today. Hendrick has visited before too and they love Malawi so much they’ve been back numerous times. They also attended the […]

Meet Ascherveen

Meet Ascherveen, a very happy little boy. Ascherveen is supported by our Disabilities and Rehabilitation Project as he has cerebral palsy. His family had resigned themselves to the fact that he would never be able to sit up let alone walk. However, Matilda who runs the project, has taught the family various exercises and over […]

World Toilet Day

On World Toilet Day meet Jessie, Theresa, Loveness, Alice and Florence who all attend Mazembe Primary School. Thanks to funding, girls now have access to a menstrual toilet, which has been built to provide them with a private space to use whilst on their periods and means they don’t have to miss school. Typically, many […]

International Literacy Day

Today we celebrate International Literacy Day, which is an opportunity to highlight improvements in World literacy rates and reflect on the World’s remaining literacy challenges. Illiteracy is a problem throughout Africa and Malawi is no exception, where a lack of access to quality education, high student to teacher ratios, high primary school drop-out rates and […]

The Return of Mpasa Fish to Nkhata Bay District

More exciting news has been received about the Ripple Africa community-led Fish for Tomorrow programme! This time it’s from member Sammy Kachikunje who wrote: “My name is Sammy Kachikunje and I work for Ripple Africa as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. In the morning of Wednesday 19th June 2019, I went to monitor fish catches at […]

“Volunteer in Malawi and its beauty will take your breathe away”

Imagine that you have spent the day as a volunteer teacher working alongside teachers in a local school, assisting with lessons or helping with lesson planning. Or you may have assisted as a medical volunteer gaining valuable experience in the provision of medical treatment and care or supporting our disabilities coordinator. You may have even […]