Fishing Communities Response to Covid-19

Ripple Africa’s Fish for Tomorrow project operates along 300km of Lake Malawi’s shoreline, with almost 2,500 empowered community volunteers now monitoring fishing practices, protecting breeding areas, ensuring that illegal fishing gear is removed from the lake and educating community members about fish conservation. The Darwin Initiative has helped fund this project in the northern part […]

Women Ensuring there are Fish for Tomorrow

Women aren’t often seen on Lake Malawi in canoes or plank boats catching fish. Nevertheless, they play a vital role in the fishing industry as the main processors and sellers of fish. Some women are even boat owners and hire fishers to catch fish for them. For this reason, Ripple Africa, a UK based charity […]

The Return of Mpasa Fish to Nkhata Bay District

More exciting news has been received about the Ripple Africa community-led Fish for Tomorrow programme! This time it’s from member Sammy Kachikunje who wrote: “My name is Sammy Kachikunje and I work for Ripple Africa as Monitoring and Evaluation Officer. In the morning of Wednesday 19th June 2019, I went to monitor fish catches at […]

The return of the Chimwi fish to Lake Malawi

On 13th June 2019, a local fisherman, Clement Chirwa, brought a large fish that we had not seen before to sell to us at Ripple Africa at Mwaya Beach, Nkhata Bay District on the shores of Lake Malawi. The local name of the fish is Chimwi and others have called it a Labeobarbus. It measured […]

Community Sustainable Fisheries Management

Ripple Africa’s Fish for Tomorrow project has been supported through a Darwin Initiative main grant since July 2018. Fish for Tomorrow is a community led fish conservation project in Lake Malawi, the 9th largest lake in the world and home to over 850 different fish species, many endemic to the lake. Darwin initiative funding has […]

BBC News feature Fish Conservation Project

We’re excited to be featured on BBC News! This is a ‘BBC Africa One Minute Story’ featuring Force Ngwira, Country Director for RIPPLE Africa, talking about our efforts to stop the use of mosquito nets for fishing in Lake Malawi and how we’re empowering communities to take ownership of their resources. The BBC Africa News […]

World Fisheries Day

World Fisheries Day is celebrated on 21 November around the world, highlighting the importance of fishing for food, income and pleasure. A recent United Nations study reported that more than two-thirds of the world’s fisheries have been overfished or are fully harvested and more than one third are in a state of decline due to […]

A Visit to RIPPLE Africa

Nkhata Bay, Malawi 21st-26th September 2017 This was my first visit to Malawi and RIPPLE Africa (RA). During a two and a half hour drive north from Lilongwe paralleling part of the western shoreline of Lake Malawi, which is 560km long and 75km wide at its widest point, with a average depth of 292m, I […]

Mosquito net fishing

This blog is written by RIPPLE Africa Project & Volunteer Coordinator, Nikki Luxford Mosquito nets are an amazing piece of equipment but only if used correctly. Recently 9 million mosquito nets have been distributed around Malawi with the aim of saving lives from malaria but unfortunately not everyone will use them for their intended purpose. […]