New team member Molless teaches farmers to make pine seed beds in Malawi

New team and new farmers

Molless joined our tree planting team in May as a Project Coordinator. Training is very much on-the-job and will continue throughout the tree planting year

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Maryam and Martha sell their sweet potato crops to earn an income in Malawi

Farming friends

Martha and Maryam are best friends. You will often find them in their sweet potato fields, working and helping each other so they can spend

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Mchaya Club have healthy seedlings growing in Malawi

Changing livelihoods

Our Growing the Future projects are going really well. Here’s a little update from Maston. “It is so great to see our new clubs doing

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Catherine is now a preschool teacher in Malawi

From student to teacher

Catherine is one of our pre-school teachers. However, before this job, she herself was a beneficiary of our Education projects. To begin, Catherine was a

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