New Year’s News from RIPPLE Africa

RIPPLE Africa would like to wish all of our friends a very Happy New Year, and although 2012 has only just begun, we already have lots of exciting RIPPLE news to share with you. Over the next couple weeks, we’ll be telling you about some of the amazing volunteers, donors, partners, and projects that have dominated RIPPLE life as of late, and we have lots of exciting videos from Malawi which we hope you’ll love. Make sure and check back to our blog frequently so you don’t miss anything, or join us on Facebook or Twitter!

First up to report is the story of Rob and Nikki, a husband and wife team who worked in Malawi as a volunteer doctor and physiotherapist for the last couple months of 2011. As a husband and wife team, Rob and Nikki had a unique volunteer experience being able to work together in a health scenario in Malawi, where there would be little room for cross-over in their home of Australia. You can read all about their story by clicking here. Rob and Nikki’s story is the second we’ve posted as of late, having also recently published the story of Patrick, who volunteered in the first half of 2011. You can read about Patrick’s story by clicking here.

Check back soon for more RIPPLE Africa news!

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