The finished cookstove for a new family in Malawi

New family cookstove

We talk about the teams on the ground who regularly meet householders to ensure the Changu Changu Moto fuel-efficient cookstoves are in good condition and being used so let us introduce you to one of the coordinators doing just that, Rodrick Thomson.

Rodrick works within three Traditional Authorities and has 4,000 households in this catchment area. The majority of the households have a fuel-efficient cookstove but as people move into the area or as new homes are built, Rodrick is on hand to provide training so that these new arrivals can enjoy the benefits of our Changu Changu Moto.

Here is Rodrick building a cookstove for a family who had recently moved from the hills to the lowland areas due to the heavy rains.

Rodrick builds a cookstove for a new family in Malawi

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