Motorbikes are not a luxury

Our environmental projects cover huge areas which means that our hard working staff spend a large proportion of their day walking to and from projects.  Providing our managers and coordinators with a motorbike enables them to achieve so much more.

Take our Changu Changu Moto project. We have provided over 40,000 households with a fuel efficient cookstove. Each house is regularly monitored to ensure that householders are fully confident in using the stove and know how to maintain it and what size of wood to use. With each manager and coordinator looking after thousands of households, it’s difficult for them to reach everyone, especially those living in the hills. Public transport isn’t the most reliable either and can only take them so far but with a motorbike they are able to cover larger areas each day.

Dorah, Khumbo and Eliza Dorah, Khumbo and Eliza

Matilda, our Disabilities and Rehabilitation Co-ordinator also covers a large area. She is very hardworking and incredibly passionate about working with, and giving a voice to, people with disabilities. She is learning to drive a motorbike so that she will be able to reach clients living in the hills to make the project available to everyone. This will also reduce transport time to and from clients’ homes as she currently walks or uses public transport meaning she will be able to spend more time providing vital care and support to her patients and their families.

Providing motorbikes to projects which cover large areas is essential to help us produce amazing results. However, having a motorbike requires annual funding to cover the cost of running and maintaining it too. If you’d like to help us fund these motorbikes and help towards providing new ones for the rest of our field staff, please let us know.

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