Jethro’s University Graduation and his “Proudest Mum in the World”

Yesterday we received this wonderful letter from Jethro following his University Graduation Ceremony which he attended with his proud family. Jethro was part of our education scholarship programme.


So on Wednesday I joined the group of the learned, as the master of
ceremonies put it. It was a special event, thanks for making this
possible. Mwaya this week has added to its number of university

Today, I probably have the proudest mum in the world, as three of her
five boys now hold University of Malawi (UNIMA) and Zomba Theological
College in conjunction with UNIMA degrees. . With her last born, who
is still in secondary school, now fully motivated (already trying on
the graduation gown). This wouldn’t have been possible without your
providing a “hand up”, so on behalf of family, I say thank you, to
Ripple Africa, and all its friends. You are special persons, and the
world is a good place because you are in it, and you make your impact

We grew up in the village, without knowing universities existed, we
passed each milestone as it came and went on to the next. Not once in
my primary school days did I think of becoming a university graduate,
then going to school was something I had to do, I had no reason for
it, with time and of course enlightenment here we are, and to a greater
extent, Ripple Africa has brought me here.

I also thank you for the continued presence of teaching volunteers at
our local schools. The role these guys played in my school life can
not be emphasized enough, they motivated me to do more, I had
incentives to be the number one student again, and of course I owned my
first chess board while in standard five, because one of them thought
the number one student deserved it.

I thank you, for being there all the way, even when the going got
tough, I was one of the few left to stand on your shoulders. My mum
and the whole family joins me in giving these heartfelt thanks, and
pray to God that He bless all that give for the benefit of the less

Today, the dream that was born and nurtured had been achieved. What’s
next? The job hunt continues, while I search for Masters Scholarships.

With Thanks,

Jethro and one very proud mother

Jethro and his family

One well deserved Degree

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