A view over protected forests in northern Malawi which helps regulate rainfall

Forest conservation success

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Our Forest Conservation project is vital as we believe that it is as important protecting the trees that are already growing as it is planting new ones.

Since 2010 we have been supporting communities to protect 340 sq.km of forest in northern Malawi, mainly in Nkhata Bay District.

In 2017 we expanded this support and started working with communities in Choma Hill in Mzimba District as vast areas of once lush forests had been lost to illegal charcoal production.

It’s a small team working in this area – Bryne, Hope and Annie – and that’s because we believe with working with the community so that they can be the solution to the problem facing them.

Over the years the team have created Forest Conservation Committees, each comprising of 11 members, and have trained these committees in understanding the importance of having and protecting trees.

These committees then teach their village and together, protect the forests. They also carry out other activities such as creating firebreaks, setting up bee hives and working with Forestry Department to carry out patrols.

The impact? Just take a look at the photo.

When we started working in Choma Hill you’d struggle to see many trees but after years of hard work and dedication, those forests are regenerating and the hills are beginning to look green again.

It’s this long-term commitment and dedication that sees the change and success happen, and in our opinion, a fantastic way to close our birthday week and inspire you to continue supporting us as we enter our third decade of working in Malawi.

Thank you, as always, and here’s to seeing what other amazing work we can achieve together in the coming years. Learn more here.

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