Helping your company achieve your charitable objectives


At Ripple Africa we love developing partnerships with companies who are as excited about what we do as we are. Our projects create sustainable futures in one of the world’s poorest countries, and we are ready to inspire you and your company. We can also help your business become carbon negative through our certified carbon offsetting project.

“Phineas have been supporting Ripple Africa’s tree planting and forest conservation project since 2017 and it’s something we’re incredibly proud of. The team are amazing at keeping us up to date with how many trees we’ve planted and protected, along with the latest on all their other projects. We really feel a part of the Ripple Africa family! In 2018 we were lucky enough to visit the team in Malawi and were so impressed with just how true they are to their ethos ‘providing a hand UP not a handout’. Not only is it obvious that the local communities trust Ripple Africa and their projects, but they share their passion and dedication to make them a success. We’re looking forward to our continued work with Ripple Africa and are so excited to see more positive change over the coming months and years.”
Phineas Group

Tailored partnerships to achieve your company’s positive impact

By working together we can continue to drive the change we seek in the world and through long-lasting partnerships your company will make a visible impact on our work with the local Malawian communities.

Ripple Africa’s overriding aim is to empower communities in Malawi so they themselves can achieve a sustainable future. We do this through our well-established and successful Environment, Education and Healthcare projects by providing a hand up, not a hand out. This philosophy has been central to the charity’s ideology for nearly two decades.

We provide tailor-made partnerships giving you the freedom and flexibility to achieve your charitable objectives and social responsibility goals.

We use simple, low tech and innovative solutions that are community led, and we firmly believe that with your support we can continue to secure long-term change in Malawi by growing our projects which include forest conservation, tree planting and fish conservation together with pre-school education and the rehabilitation of those with disabilities.

All of our projects are run by our incredible Malawian team who work hand-in-hand with the community. We employ 690 Malawian staff and have more than 12,000 Malawian volunteers working across our projects, all striving for a positive future for themselves, their communities and future generations to come.

As our Corporate Partner, we will provide you with stories and photographs on the benefits and impacts of the project which you can share with your employees and your customers.

Did you know that 86% of consumers are more likely to buy a product when it is associated with a trusted charity like Ripple Africa?

Helping you achieve net zero with our quality carbon offsets

Not only can we help your business become carbon negative but by playing your part to address climate change, you help families in Malawi too.

We are proud that more than 250,000 people have their food cooked every day on our Changu Changu Moto fuel-efficient cookstove. This saves 80,000 bundles of wood every week. This new cooking technology is becoming a way of life and now communities in neighbouring Districts want to benefit from this improved cooking method which makes their lives easier and reduces deforestation.

Ripple Africa’s founders didn’t start the project just to sell carbon offsets but wanted to improve the lives of local people in Malawi and protect the remaining forests. We reinvest the income from the sale of our carbon offsets to build more cookstoves, plant trees and conserve existing forests.  

It really is a win-win for people and the planet, and we provide you with regular stories about how you as a company make a positive difference through our carbon offsetting project.

Other Ways We Can Work Together

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Choose Ripple Africa as your Charity of the Year, and your staff can make a huge difference to the local communities with whom we work closely.

Charity of the Year fundraising is sociable, simple and fun. It is great for boosting morale, and our team will be delighted.

Payroll Giving is a tax effective way for your employees to donate to Ripple Africa.

Also known as Give As You Earn, Payroll Giving allows employees to donate tax-free to Ripple Africa through their pay packet, making the gift worth up to 40% more.

Get a work team together to fundraise for Ripple Africa through a race or challenge. Taking part in charity events builds motivated and engaged teams and develops people’s personal and professional skills.

There are wonderful opportunities to accommodate a variety of groups of up to 20 people for amazing team building experiences. Members of the group can immerse themselves in the local culture and will be able to assist with a variety of Ripple Africa’s projects, which include building, the environment, and education. You can experience firsthand how your support really does change lives.

Existing Partners

Here are some of the wonderful corporate partners supporting our projects from tree planting and forest conservation, fish conservation, pre-schools, carbon offsetting and much more.

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Ranging from independent to multi-national, we love working with businesss of all sizes.  Between them, our corporate partners support a range of our projects including tree planting and forest conservation, fish conservation, carbon offestting, pre-schools and much more.

We are also truly grateful for the support that we have received from the following corporate partners over the years.

Ripple Africa is a nonprofit partner of 1% for the Planet, an organisation designed to help businesses of all sizes realise and act on their responsibility to protect our planet. Businesses that join 1% for the Planet commit to giving 1% of gross sales each year to their approved nonprofit partners through a variety of support.