Coronavirus Awareness Campaign

The first three cases have now been reported in Malawi, a country with an inadequate healthcare system. Therefore, we urgently need funding to run a Coronavirus Awareness Campaign in rural Malawi!

While we know that everyone is currently juggling the challenges this pandemic brings, we really need your help more than ever to ensure the simple messages that we have all received are given to the thousands of rural Malawians. Most of the people living in rural areas have no access to TV or radio, so our Awareness Campaign to reach these people is essential.

Coronavirus Malawi Africa

Ripple Africa will reach more than 600,000 people directly – This is vital as Malawi’s medical facilities in rural areas are ordinarily over-subscribed, under-staffed and lacking and basic equipment and medicine. Creating awareness is key to helping people know how they can keep themselves and their families safe. We need to start the campaign within the next few days to have maximum impact and without funding, we simply cannot do this!

We will also be repairing 200 boreholes, buying buckets and soap. The total cost is £38,392 and we have already received £20,000 towards this. To read more information on the campaign and donate, please see:

 Or if in the USA:

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