A Christmas Story a Day…

Today is all about trees! Trees are important for many reasons, especially in poor countries like Malawi.

In Malawi at the moment there are too many trees being cut down and not enough being planted to replace them. Did you know that an area of forest the size of a football pitch is cut down every 10 minutes? Imagine that the next time you watch a game of football on TV!

RIPPLE Africa is doing a massive amount of work to benefit the environment in our area of Malawi. We’re building special stoves for cooking that save two thirds of the wood currently used per week, we have created a forest conservation project in one area where no one is allowed to cut down trees for any reason and we’ve already planted millions of trees. We plant trees at schools, individual houses (around 10,000 homes), at tree nurseries and throughout the local communities.

Help us to plant millions more!

Plant 50 trees for only £10

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