A tree trunk aim high

Aim high

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Whatever you are aiming for this year, aim high like this tree!

We run a tree planting project working with thousands of farmers in Malawi to grow trees as a sustainable source of timber. The branches provide a source of firewood too as they can be coppiced. Our tree planting project helps local forests as by providing a solution, it allows the forests to naturally regenerate.

We also run a Forest Conservation project protecting 340 sq.km of forest. We work in partnership with communities and District Government staff to introduce bylaws to protect the forests and reduce illegal activity by supporting patrols of the forested hills.

Alongside these two projects, we promote other sustainable environmental projects such as our fuel-efficient cookstove project.

Did you know, you can support our tree planting and forest conservation project all year round by becoming a Nature Lover, Forest Friend or Super Planter! Intrigued, check it out here.

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