A New Scott in the RIPPLE Family!

RIPPLE Africa would like to say congratulations to Rob and Nikki Scott on the birth of baby Sophie Joy, born on 10 November. Rob and Nikki volunteered with RIPPLE Africa for three months at the end of 2011 as part of their year-long trip around the world, described by Nikki as “the final hurrah” before going back to Australia to hopefully start a family. Rob and Nikki were an amazing partnership, as they both worked in healthcare (Rob as a doctor and Nikki as a physiotherapist) and both were instrumental in helping RIPPLE Africa to develop our Disabilities and Rehabilitation Project launched at the beginning of 2012. In fact it is Nikki who is featured in the banner photo of the project, as well as in the picture towards the bottom with a set of crutches that she and Rob donated to a patient who needed them. Although it has been nearly a year since they left Mwaya, Rob and Nikki have remained part of the RIPPLE Africa family and have been fantastic in their ongoing support of the charity, and of course remain part of the larger RIPPLE family. The whole team is delighted that baby Sophie has entered the world, weighing in at a healthy 3.35kg and at a total length of 49cm.

Congratulations Rob and Nikki on the birth of your first baby, with love from the whole RIPPLE Africa team!

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