New nurseries for trees

A happy family in their tree nursery in Malawi

A new tree planting season is beginning in Malawi, and as our teams meet and register farmers, the next step is to ensure the farmers build suitable tree nurseries. It is within these tree nurseries that the tubes are filled, seeds are sown and once germinated, the seedlings are cared for before they are planted […]

BVC in business

The BVC have set up a maize mill together in Malawi

The Makuzi Beach Village Committee (BVC) not only work together patrolling the fish breeding area and ensuring fishermen are using the correct fishing nets, they have set up a maize mill together too. The group set up the Kamala maize mill seven years ago and are proud of their venture. They charge 900MWK (50p) for […]

Come for a drive

Lets go for a drive in Malawi with Ripple Africa

Our visitors and volunteers to Malawi must be a tad confused when they first arrive. There’s talk about ‘going in Tom’ and ‘I’ll take Jennifer’ and they must wonder who and where Tom and Jennifer are. In fact, these are not people but two of our trusty vehicles that enable us to get around to […]

New family cookstove

The finished cookstove for a new family in Malawi

We talk about the teams on the ground who regularly meet householders to ensure the Changu Changu Moto fuel-efficient cookstoves are in good condition and being used so let us introduce you to one of the coordinators doing just that, Rodrick Thomson. Rodrick works within three Traditional Authorities and has 4,000 households in this catchment […]

Growing beautifully

Blessings Mkwandawire trees are growing beautifully in Malawi

Planting out the seedlings at the right time of year is crucial to their survival but it is also important that the farmers plant them out with the right spacing between and then care for the trees as they grow. This is a great example of a farmer doing exactly that. Blessings Mkandawire planted these […]

And pose

Andrew loves to strike a pose when the camera comes out in Malawi

A visit to any of our pre-schools will put a smile on your face and fill your heart with so much happiness. The children, even though so young, are dedicated to learning and extremely enthusiastic about playtime too! Kachere Pre-school currently has 125 pupils enrolled. Rebecca, Mary and Winnis are the three teachers there and […]

Geoff and Liz are awarded MBEs

Liz and Geoff have been awarded MBEs for their charity work in Malawi

Everyone at Ripple Africa would like to congratulate our founders, Geoff & Liz Furber, on their recent MBE awards which were published on the King’s Birthday Honours 2024 Overseas and International List. Both have worked with no pay for the last 21 years helping rural communities in Malawi. They have grown the charity from a […]

Covering all clinics as a volunteer nurse

Volunteer nurse Carol demonstrating how to help a choking baby in Malawi

Volunteer nurse, Carol, has written a story about her time volunteering with us. Throughout her four-week placemet she covered all clinics. Read her full story. Arriving in Malawi as a recently retired nurse volunteering with Ripple Africa I wondered, What exactly would I do?, Would I be useful?, How would I manage the language issues? Arriving at the airport […]

Helping Albert learn English

Allamson is teaching Albert English at Adult Education classes in Malawi

We run Adult Education sessions four times a week in the villages of Mwaya and Mazembe. Albert is 20 and has been attending for a year now. He is a farmer but he wants to learn English so that he can start a business and be a successful businessman. Unfortunately, Albert was forced to drop out […]