RIPPLE Africa Volunteer Blog – No. 85

This is RIPPLE Africa volunteer Sue Morgan’s third blog Weekend Breaks Are Great! When you have worked hard all week, you deserve a little pampering … of course, we are already beautifully pampered by the Mwaya crew but it is still always good to have a change of scenery. So far, we have tried out […]

RIPPLE Africa Volunteer Blog – No. 84

This blog is the second one to be written by volunteer teacher Sue Morgan The Other Side of Malawi…the Rainy Season Malawi is stunningly beautiful and full of lush vegetation which just flows through the landscape in never ending shades of green. The people are totally dependent upon fertile ground to grow essential food stuff, […]

RIPPLE Africa Volunteer Blog – No. 83

This blog is written by volunteer Becky Haigh Hello from Mwaya! I have been here for around two weeks now and am finding it surprisingly easy to adjust to the afternoon swims in the lake and the wonderful people here, though cycling in the sand is proving to be a bit more of a challenge! […]